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RV Insurance

Do you enjoy weekend trips in your RV? Or maybe you just use it one month out of the year for a sporting event or annual camping trip? Or Are you a full-timer, enjoying the home to the fullest? Regardless of how much or why you use your RV the Jeff Kaplan Agency can provide the coverage you need for quality RV insurance in Michigan, so you can enjoy your stunning views, new sights, tailgating parties, and the adventure of the open road without a worry about what might happen and who may be responsible for the financial damage.

The minimum coverage in Michigan to register your vehicle is bodily injury/ property damage (BI/PD), personal injury protection (PIP), and property protection insurance (PPI). We can provide these basics easily to get you out on the road in your RV in no time. Because these basics are only the minimum requirements it is likely a good idea to increase your coverage to protect you further from damage, theft, and other occurrences. Our RV specific policy can consider occurrences that typical auto insurance may not. Additional coverage is particularly needed if you are driving in new areas, moving your RV more often than typical, or any other situation where if an accident occurs you will be left with a bill if you only have the minimum legal coverage. If you live in your RV all the time or most of the time then there may be home insurance considerations to discuss, and if you park your RV most of the time you may save during those unused months. There are many variables to discuss when it comes to this multi-use vehicle.

Contact us at the Jeff Kaplan Agency for your personalized RV insurance quote. We are always happy to answer any questions you have about RV insurance and to discuss various coverage options for full time living and for those who park their RV most of the year.

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