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Home Insurance

You’ve made a significant financial investment in your home and it needs the right insurance coverage to protect it. Many consider home insurance to be protection in the event of a fire or severe weather damage. Home insurance provides many more benefits, though. In Michigan, our team at Jeff Kaplan Agency is ready to help you get the best home insurance.

Your home insurance policy is a tool that protects you financially. When a disaster occurs, it helps you and your family to recover more quickly. Everything inside of the house, including furniture, artwork and electronics is covered. It can also protect items that are damaged or stolen when you are away from home. For instance, if your child’s laptop is stolen while they are studying at the library, it will still be covered. The policy also has liability coverage that protects you if someone is injured on your property due to your negligence. If they decide to sue, it can also cover legal expenses. Beyond the home, the policy covers all structures on the property including outbuildings, decks, and fencing.

That’s a lot of protection in one policy. You need to understand, though, that home insurance policies do not cover damage from floods. It will cover water damage from a faulty hot water heater but it will not cover water damage from a flood event. If you are concerned that your home is in an area at risk for flooding, talk with your who will help you assess your risk level and determine if you need flood insurance.

At the Jeff Kaplan Agency in Michigan, our agents are ready to work with you to get the coverage your home needs. They can answer any questions you have and recommend the best policy for your situation. Peruse the information on our website to get started. Then give us a call. You’ve invested a lot in your home, make sure that it's protected today!

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